No matter whether you’re a seasoned manager or someone who has just stepped into the role, you may be having trouble being seen with respect by your employees. Respect isn’t given; it’s earned. It’s incredibly important to gain respect, as it provides workplace morale. Today, we’re going to be looking at a couple of different ways to earn respect as a leader.

Give Respect

As stated previously, respect is earned, not given automatically. If you want to be respected by the people under you, you first have to give them the respect they deserve. Listening and responding to people’s thoughts and feelings with respect is an integral part of gaining the trust of your employees. If you explain why you’ve made a decision, it shows them that even though they may not be a part of the decision-making process, you value them enough to give them reasoning. Treating members with respect will likely make them treat you with respect.

Show Your Work Ethic

There’s nothing an employee dislikes more than a boss who has a shoddy work ethic. Managers that lead by example and show their employees that they take great pride in their work are incredibly vital for gaining respect. Letting people look up to you as you take the lead on the projects, showing that you’re not pushing your work on your employees.

Admit Your Wrongdoings

You’re going to make mistakes, no matter how hard you try not to. You’re a human, and that’s only fair– it’s improbable that you’d never make a mistake in your career. However, to gain respect from your employees, admitting your mistakes and changing your behavior is vital. No one likes or respects someone in denial and never recognizes an error. They come off as deceitful, and not many people can appreciate the leader after.

Recognize Successes

Recognizing your employees’ successes is probably one of the most essential parts of being a respected leader. Learning what your employees prefer when it comes to being praised is essential as well; a personal congratulations or more public praise can go a long way when it comes to earning respect in your employees’ eyes. Rewarding your employees shows them that you value their contributions. It’s also about respect, as stated prior: you respect their wishes to be more private, so you praise them for a job well done one-on-one instead of meeting in front of everyone.