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Do you ever feel exhausted at the end of your business day? An overwhelming sense of cynicism or detachment from the work that you do? Do you feel unhappy with your job but are unsure of how to make it any better? If you do, then have no fear. These are the symptoms to look out for when looking at workplace burnout, and it’s incredibly common. You might not have even noticed it until someone pointed it out. However, you should take care of it before it becomes a problem, as there are several health consequences

Physical consequences

Burnout has several physical consequences. Burnout is a risk factor for prolonged fatigue and gastrointestinal issues. They’re even at a higher risk of mortality if they’re under 45. Not only that, but prolonged burnout can also include a risk for musculoskeletal pain, cardiovascular diseases, and an increased risk of being hospitalized for them as well. Not only that, but the risk of weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and gastrointestinal issues is incredibly prevalent. 

Mental health issues

There are also several mental health issues correlated with severe burnout. Excess stress is one of the most prevalent issues regarding the mental ramifications of burnout. Insomnia or a change in your level of insomnia is another. Not only that, but people are at a higher risk of depression and anxiety symptoms as well. Increased levels of burnout are also associated with an increased chance that you’ll need some kind of intervention to aid your mental health issues, such as medication or even hospitalization. 

Personal Consequences

We’ve covered the effects on your mental and physical health, but what about how burnout affects you as a person? If burned out, you’re automatically at a higher risk of substance abuse, whether alcohol or another substance. You may find yourself isolated from your friends and family, leading to an increased risk of depression. You could become irresponsible with money, trying to do “retail therapy” as a way to cope. You could even direct some of your frustration with your job to your family and friends, further isolating yourself from the people around you. 

Burnout is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in the business world, and the ramifications are incredibly serious. Whether that’s an increased risk of physical diseases such as cardiovascular and musculoskeletal issues, an increased risk of psychological problems such as insomnia or depression, or even the personal consequences of isolation and substance abuse, burnout is a serious issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly.