Mondays are often seen as a sluggish day, the phrase “having a case of the Mondays” is in more people’s vocabularies than not. However, Mondays are a wonderful day to start anew. Your slate is clean, and you can start a new week on the right foot. Today, we’re going to be looking at a couple of actions that you can do as a leader to make sure you make the most of your Mondays.

Commit to one primary goal for the week

It’s said that when your team has something to work toward, they can perform better. Experiencing accomplishments can help boost overall morale on a dreary Monday. Pick a more manageable task that can be achieved by Friday! Make sure it’s easy enough that your team can accomplish it but big enough that it propels your team forward. You want to make sure that your team can become focused so that they can feel confident and full of pride on Friday!

Focus on one of your flaws

Don’t get it twisted: taking advantage of what works in your office is essential to make sure that you get things done. However, being too invested in that and not continuing to work on yourself is also detrimental to your office. No one is perfect! Everyone needs some sort of improvement. 

You could take a couple of minutes and create a list of areas that you find that you could improve upon. Maybe check with a mentor or your colleagues if you’re unsure of areas you’re weaker in. Then, each Monday, you can focus on a specific site and see how to improve yourself. This way you can work on something that betters the whole office!

Revisit your vision and purpose

As a leader, you must maintain a specific focus of the office, making sure that all of the work done in the office supports the overall objective of the business. Even some of the best leaders can lose track of the bigger picture. As a leader, you can take out and review the best strategic documents you have so that you can communicate what success looks like to you. This shows your team that you value the overall objectives of the firm.